S. S. B. C. is owned and operated by Suzanne Garmon-Dukes and here to meet all of the comprehensive needs of you as an individual and/or your small business. The services offered are carefully and individually customized to meet your specific needs.  These services include the following:
  • Federal Income Tax Filing for Business and Personal
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Organization
  • Business Plan
  • Start Up Consulting
  • Resume, Cover Letter, Interview Coaching
  • Other Services Available as Needed
"I have taken my passion for helping people and organizations embrace their individual and business goals by offering sound advice and services at a more than affordable rate.  My approach is geered towards moving individuals and businesses to reach their goals by guiding them in the right direction.  I seek to fully understand and leverage the needs of my clients in order to better serve them.  I don't compromise in providing quality leadership and strategically partner with my clients in giving direction, overcoming obstacles, and celebrating successes. We, TOGETHER, will develop innovative solutions to drive individuals and businesses to positive performance and  producing higher returns.  My business relationships have developed into personal ones I will always cherish and nurture long term as one success elevates us all.  My clients can expect me to be highly engaged in their aspirations. Let S.S.B.C. give you a hand up in meeting your personal and business needs."
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